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"Through desire a man, having separated  himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom."  Proverbs 18:1

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Walls tumbling down - 26 April 2015

The Bible says Joshua used a prostitute’s house as a safe house, during his reconnaissance mission to determine whether the Israelites could invade the holy land successfully, and it says he guaranteed the prostitute and her family safety during the invasion.  And, while doing all that, he rose through the Israelite ranks to be effectually Israel’s secretary of defense and Israel’s vice president and Israel’s president.

Let’s consider the possibility of our  electing any of those CIA operatives who paid or refused to pay prostitutes in their hotel rooms in Columbia to the Presidency of the United States.  We might, considering what Bubba Bill did with Monaca Lewinski in the Oval Office, and considering that Heehaw Hillary is a candidate for the Presidency after standing by him.  We the people like anyone who behaves as we would behave.

So a question is whether that’s now the golden rule of politics in Earth’s greatest democracy.  Look at the movies we watch, particularly the Hunger Games series, with its political leaders soliciting advice from media consultants and taking it.  By the millions we the people pay to see it as we keep supporting Bubba Bill and Camelot Kennedy, and enough of us ignore Heehaw Hillary’s crassness to make her competitive. 


A thousand miles and a single step - 25 April 2015

If “progressive” is the opposite of “conservative,” what’s the opposite of “liberal,” or “libertarian?”  How much distance is between Ben Affleck and his slave-owning ancestor or between Boston’s yuppie South End and racist South Boston or between Boston’s North end and Affleck’s home town on the other side of the Charles River?  Why did PBS comply with Affleck’s request that it inform no one about that ancestor?

And why are Democrats calling themselves liberal saying that support for electing Heehaw Hillary to the Presidency of the United States should depend on her distancing herself from Bubba Bill’s formulation of the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement?  What’s the distance between freedom and liberty or between selling to Cuba and buying from other Latin-American countries?  And why don’t “liberal media anchors” ask that?

What’s the distance between the United States democracy and the United States republic?  What’s the distance between what “progressives” call closure and what “conservatives” call vengeance?  What’s the distance between killing “black” people in the United States and killing “yellow” people in Vietnam?  What’s the distance between the United States Civil War and war between Semitic factions in the “Levant?”  


From the halls of Montezuma - 24 April 2015

Muhammad’s home was the Arabian desert, and he may never have been on a ship and seen ships only while trading in Jaffa, where probability say he learned most of what he knew of Christianity and Judaism.  But the Qur’an refers to ships many times, listing them as examples of gifts from God indicating God’s power and mercy, like desert rain.  Consider that in light of the fact that the United States’ oldest international alliance is with the Islamic country Morocco to fight pirates.  The phrase “shores of Tripoli” in the Marines’ Hymn refers to that.  And the U.S.S. Constitution was in on it.

Moroccans, whom English-speaking people called Moors before that alliance, ruled much of Spain for centuries and twice tried twice to invade France and overrun Christendom, and the pirates from whom they protected United States ships also claimed to be Islamic.  But all that is examples of hypocrisy, like the hypocrisy of people calling themselves Christians emulating Judaism by rampaging across the middle east, calling that murderous land grab the crusades.  And Israel’s ISIS is more of such.

And another example of hypocrisy is the propaganda “anchors” of United States mass media calls news.  And an example of that is their networks’ airing United States government pundits calling Islam an eastern religion.  Islam is more Christian than Judaism and more Judaic than Christianity, and it originated fewer than five hundred miles more easterly than is Jerusalem, and Muhammad rode to Jaffa on camels. 


What does Jesus look like? - 23 April 2015

Gardner’s Art through the Ages, one of the three books most frequently in art history classes in United States universities, says that the fundamental difference between “Catholicism” and “Protestantism” is that Catholics say that salvation depends on living by the Ten Commandments while Protestants say that salvation depends only on worshiping Christ.  Actually, both say it depends on both, and Protestants protested against Catholics violating the Second Commandment, the one that proscribes representational art!  What’s the difference between education and propaganda?

Lucas, the evangelist who introduced his Greek book on the acts of the apostles of Saul of Tarsus by calling his boss Theophilus, says in that book that God killed a husband and wife because they didn’t give to Peter all of the lucre they acquired by selling their real estate!

A current TV commercial for dog food says it’s for the love of dog.


Cuban body cameras - 22 April 2015

During the Eisenhower administration, the United States helped Afghans build a modern terminal in Kandahar, to make the airfield there an international airport.  Eisenhower’s motive was that the Soviet Union was helping Afghans build Kabul International Airport.  So that international political posturing, not what Rand Paul says he wishes to stop, not foreign economic aid.  It was like Nixon’s motive for the counterintelligence operation that ended the Afghan monarchy.  The king flew to Italy from Kabul International Airport and never returned.  No one then was using the terminal at Kandahar for anything.

And Paul’s rationale for making Israel an exception to his preaching against foreign aid suggests that he doesn’t know the difference.  Helping both stagnating nations and developing nations develops the global marketplace all nations share, whatever political or economic posturing or hypothesizing their leadership does, and Israel’s leadership is the epitome of isolationism.  Aid to Israel is all uneconomically political.

Much of Afghanistan’s opium ends up in junkies’ arms on streets of the United States, but much of it also ends up on operating tables in hospitals of the United States, and more of it ended up in our hospitals before we dumped the king.


Liberally blowing smoke - 21 April 2015

I don’t remember hearing of Britt McHenry, before CNN aired a YouTube video of her berating employees of a company that towed her car, for having fewer teeth than she.  The CNN anchor asked whether suspending her from her job was enough punishment for that and asked a CNN pundit who knew her whether her “apology,” in which she said she should have taken the higher ground, was missing something.  The pundit, ignoring that the phrase “higher ground” implied that the employees were on lower ground, said the “apology” was missing the name of the employee who bore the brunt of the tirade.

We should ask ourselves what higher ground is.  For example, we might ask whether the top floors of the Dakota apartment building overlooking Central Park, the building where Roman Polanski directed the film Rosemary’s Baby, where John Lennon lived while asking us to imagine, are more like heaven than is the park.  And we might ask whether English John thought he was high or bowing while marrying Japanese Yoko.

A few years ago, hawks nested on a ledge outside one of those high Dakota floors, and some environmentalists videoed their “humanely” evicting the hawks from the building, and the “liberal” media aired that video also, as though humans are higher than hawks.


On snail darters - 20 April 2015

The mission of ridding Iraq and the rest of Earth of Saddam Hussein, because he was murdering his country’s people and invading his neighboring countries and trying to obtain nuclear weapons to increase his mayhem massively, succeeded in 2003.

But, immediately thereafter, the futile mission of trying to save Iraq from people calling themselves Islamic defying the Qur’an’s proscription against Muslims fighting each other began.

But difference between saving Israelis and saving other endangered species is that other species do no harm.


Jiving Jihadi John - 19 April 2015

“If we burn, you burn with us,” says the people’s army in the movie The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1.  And the government not of the people uses a media consultant to decide what to call the people’s army and accepts her advice to call them radicals.  The movie reminds me of ISIS and Israel partly because the people’s army also uses mass media, to recruit maudlin wimps to die not knowing what to expect, as does Israel’s ISIS.

And CNN’s brain surgeon Sanjay Gupta said a revolution looks like a field of marijuana because his profession has proven that it serves medical functions.  No one has proven that, and people with medical credentials say they don’t know which components of the plants do what, and medication isn’t brain surgery.  And Gupta isn’t Judaic

Significant is the Judaic dominance of both mass media and the medical and mental health professions while it represents less than a quarter of a percent of humanity.


Monkey wrenches in the works - 18 April 2015

Cackle Clinton did a “photo op” in an automobile repair shop in Iowa, with a few of her supporters sitting there listening to her phony posturing, and her supporters are calling that meeting the people.  That it was in an automobile repair shop reminded me of paying union dues to support people like Jimmy Hoffa.  It’s the same kind of ploy. 

But it also reminds me of Cubio Rubio.  His notion of immigration reform is supporting the Miami mafia against the Castro communists.  And Tea Party criticism of the Clinton Foundation accepting funding from Arabs suggests that robbing people helps them.

So let’s think of the half-century-old cars running excellently in Cuba and note that we the people suffer a lot of sand is in the transmission of United States politics.


Condemning to repeat - 17 April 2015

Yahoo Netanyahu and United States government and media pundits calling the Israeli theocracy a democracy are saying Iran won’t stand by any agreement.  Israel has stood by no agreement, not the United Nations stipulations for calling it a state, not Begin’s agreement with Sadat and Carter at Camp David, not any promise to stop demolishing Palestinians’ homes to build settlements, no agreement.  That’s why Muslims break agreements with Israel, and the only reason Muslims consider the United States to be their enemy is that we the people support that theocracy, despite our Constitution.

Despite the American Revolution, United States voters call Camelot Kennedy and his family America’s monarchy to aggrandize them, and they aggrandize Bubba Bill despite or because of his destroying the career of a female intern in his charge by failing to preside over his own fly.  And United States voters support Heehaw Hillary despite her proving herself an irresponsible incompetent liar while she was United States Secretary of State.  What difference all that makes is that she shouldn’t be President.

Consider this analogy.  Camelot Kennedy and Marylyn Monroe, Chappaquiddick Kennedy and Mary Jo Kopechne, Chappaqua Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.  And consider the party of Jefferson Davis and equal rights for women and anyone else.


Faith in fantasy - 16 April 2015

During the Great Depression men left their homes with no cash in their pockets and rode freight trains looking for any work to feed their families.  During the Great Recession people collected unemployment benefits for years rather than do any work paying less than they were receiving before the recession.  And now people understanding stock market corrections say labor market corrections belie recovery.

It’s the wimpification of the United States of America, and part of it is the nanny state criminalizing parents’ letting their children play in a park or walk home from school alone, a story mass media reported Monday.  Someone seeing two kids walking home from school called 911, and police arrested the kids and took them to “child protective services,” and “CPS” detained the kids for 2 hours while deciding whether to call their parents.  I enjoyed walking to the grocery store alone for my mother when I was five.

We’re raising our children to be lazy bums, while we complain about imports from China while buying them because they cost less because Chinese people work for a living, making them more capitalist than we are.  And responsible people, people willing to work for a living, pay for all that unemployment and insane law enforcement, with their taxes.  And Hillamneycare pays for our addiction to pain medication hypochondria.


Boycotts and baloney - 15 April 2015

Mariel Hemingway has written a book in which she says Woody Allen tried to hustle her when she was eighteen as he did the girl he and Mia Farrow adopted.  My question is why people still pay to see his and Roman Polanski’s movies!  What are civil rights?

And now Mossad’s ISIS is killing Palestinians in a refugee camp in Syria while United States government and media pundits keep calling ISIS Islamic.  We the people watched Tonto call the Lone Ranger kemo sabe while Rosa Parks was in jail!   But “what difference does it make?”

Cackle Clinton fell on her head to dodge questions about Benghazi, and now she’ll have to answer questions about whether she’s healthy enough to preside over the United States government, and she’ll keep falling in her face in the face of any question.   


Lafayette Square meals of cake - 14 April 2015

An organization is promoting removing the picture of Andrew Jackson from the twenty-dollar bill and putting a picture of a woman on it.  Of all the persons whose images are on our instruments of commercial currency, Jackson may deserve removal if only because he told the Governor of Georgia to ignore a Supreme Court order to stop the removal of the Cherokees to Oklahoma, what we now call the Trail of Tears.  But natives of this continent, with a concern for Jackson’s ignominious behavior more direct than women’s, are promoting recompense to them more lasting than was Sacajawea’s.

Yes, the United States of America needs a female president, but wealthy Hillary Clinton’s calling herself broke and having her daughter on the cover of the women’s magazine Elle in expensive jewelry and clothing men design and sell to women for outrageous prices indicates no concern for equal rights for women or anyone else.

She’s like the statue of Jackson is in the park where homeless people sleep across the street from the Whitehouse.


Just the facts - 13 April 2015

Henry VIII was the King of England who beheaded a Roman Catholic and created the Church of England, because the Church of Rome refused to accept divorce he desired because his wife had been unable to give him a male heir, but his successor was Queen Elizabeth I and reigned far longer than had he.  Henry IX is the cartoon chicken hawk who argues to no effect with the blustering rooster Foghorn Leghorn, while Heehaw Hillary is a cartoon woman who rambles meaninglessly about women’s rights, while she stands by her blustering man.  She’s the Chicken Little of the glass ceiling.

Pundits both Democratic and Republican are saying she needs to campaign in coffee shops because she’s ineffectual in the bully pulpit of mass media, but the reason she’s ineffectual on television is that she lacks the homey demeanor of her phony husband, which is also essential to impressing genuinely homey people face to face!

But who believes pundits calling Chris Christy’s abrasiveness honest while calling Rand Paul’s rude?


The color of purple hearts - 12 April 2015

I’d try to grab a Taser if anyone tried to use it against me.  And CNN’s Uncle Tom Don Lemon said that running from police never does anyone any good.  But he didn’t say why, and he was talking about the policeman shooting Walter Scott as he ran away, reminding me of Coward Kerry and Kent State.

Kerry, before protesting against the United States invading Vietnam to kill what Johnson called little yellow people, went to Vietnam and killed a Vietnamese soldier running from him after another soldier shot him for trying to defend his homeland.

And Wolf Blitzer lied to us about what the policeman’s dashboard video revealed, and he did that immediately after he televised the video, as though we have no minds.


Liberal, libertarian, libertine - 11 April 2015

Educational institutions and TV are tools of the First Amendment.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s students and educators on campuses of United States Universities protested the racist war in Vietnam and racism in the United States!

Have you heard of such now while media and government pundits propagandize against Obama for not fully supporting Israeli racism against Semitic people not Hebrew?

And those propagandists are of both the party of Jefferson Davis claiming to be Democratic and the party of Abraham Lincoln claiming to be Republican!

Of course part of the answer is the popularity of football and rape.


Hashbury - 10 April 2015

Who donates funds to the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, or to the Freedom from Religion Foundation, or to the Wounded Warrior Project?  The financial statements those organizations make public give no clear indication that funding them helps any needy person!  They suggest that the funds go mainly to the fundraisers.

CNN, after reporting that North Koreans are too poor to buy what they need to watch DVD’s, reported air-dropping copies of The Interview into North Korea.  And CNN aired a person of the army rank of specialist, saying he was in Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon and was a roommate of his, while soldiers of specialist rank aren’t in combat platoons.  And CNN’s Uncle Tom Evan Perez said Obama’s schedule tells Obama’s conversations.

A half century ago drugs were a form of political rebellion.  Now companies like Pfizer have pushed painkillers into the legal market by paying mass media to promote them!  Is all that nonsense in the name of news for the purpose of terrorizing the masses into buying drugs that further dull their sense of the common sense mass media deny?


Where and what and why? - 9 April 2015

Except Judaic scripture, the principal scriptures of each of the half dozen most popular of Earth’s religions claim life after death, and scripture of the other two of the three occidental religions of those half dozen religions claims that it’s resurrection of the physical bodies.  Christian scripture misinterprets Judaic scripture to say that your physical body will return to life in circumstances similar to pleasant or unpleasant circumstances on Earth.  And so do Islamic scriptures, although Christian scripture describes a city of gold, while Islamic scripture describes a garden with rivers.

Scriptures of two of the three oriental religions of the half dozen most popular of Earth’s religions claim both life after death on Earth and life before birth on Earth.  But those two religions, Hinduism and Buddhism, claim that life on Earth is illusion, and accordingly that birth and death are illusion, and that ultimately everything is ineffable bliss.  Taoism, the other of those three oriental religions, tells only how to find that bliss.

Yet each of those three occidental religions preaches spirituality and preaches against the materialism each fosters by claims to eternal afterlife in either a city of gold or a garden with rivers or in a pit of fire.


Sruti and Smriti - 8 April 2015

Mohandas Gandhi was a Hindu, but he was of the grocer caste but was a lawyer but demolished the legal system of his homeland, while many people calling themselves Hindu say leaving one’s caste is kicking against karma.

Karma” is a Sanskrit word for work, and Gandhi said he derived inspiration from the Bhagavad Gita, in which a personification of preservation of creation tells a warrior that he must kill because he’s of the warrior caste and should ignore his compassion.

But the Bhagavad Gita also says that everything is inevitable, including the deaths of whomever the warrior kills, and that caste depends on ability.  And Gandhi spent much time spinning wool.  And so did Johanne of Domremy.


Give and take - 7 April 2015

The oriental of Earth’s half dozen most popular religions prefer accepting to pretending.

The movie The Last Samurai, besides being a story of redemption, is a story of the harmony that the Taoist notion of yin and yang indicates.

The love the drunken warrior finds with the quiet woman whose husband he has killed in combat for no purpose before finding purpose before finding no need for purpose is the life of his redemption.

Compare that to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and compare it to Bubba Bill and Heehaw Hillary, and ask what in hell they’re trying to do.

Each of Earth’s half dozen most popular religions says truth is more powerful than lies.


Perverse presumptuous pretention - 6 April 2015

“The plotting of evil only rebounds on those who plot,” says the Qur’an while also saying the Qur’an confirms previous scriptures, the Bible.  So Al-Shabaab, by murdering those Christian students in Kenya defied not only the Qur’an but also what the group calls itself, “al-shabaab” being Arabic for “the youth.”  Yet people like Lindsey Graham and Peter King accept its and ISIS' claims to being Islamic and blame Muslims for their terrism.

Another example of the difference between intelligence and propaganda was Camelot Kennedy’s actions toward Cuba.  To make people think he was a strong leader, he fabricated the Cuban missile crisis and took life on Earth to the brink of nuclear destruction by threatening the leaders of the Soviet Union, instead of negotiating.  And he perverted the CIA’s plan to inspire an insurrection in Cuba into the Bay of Pigs Invasion and made the CIA planners scapegoats for his murderous failure.

And our mass news media remain complicit in that and are complicit in Graham’s and King’s preening propaganda.  An example is CNN’s presenting a statistician predicting that Muslims will be nearly a third of humanity by the year 2050 because they have more children.  He didn’t mention the possibility that such as Al-Shabaab and Mossad’s ISIS counterintelligence operation shall divide Islam as King David divided Israel.   


Nonsense against nectar - 5 April 2015

How are Kim Jong Un’s “pleasure squads” different from Solomon’s thousand “wives?”  The phrase “double standard” understates a normal human trait of using one’s separate preferences as a standard against all the rest of humanity!  Another term is “rationalize.”

But the weirdest part is that we suck it up.  Weirdly the easiest target for a salesperson is another salesperson.  And wars and other murder are generally between bigots.

We should ask ourselves what suckers born every minute suck!


Cool hand Luke - 4 April 2015

Now media mental health professionals are saying the copilot who killed himself and his crew and passengers in the French Alps “had depression” and may have been a “sociopath” and planned the killing.  Any competent mental health professional knows that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, essentially a dictionary for diagnosing mental health disorders, says that depression depresses the ability to plan.  But media pundits, whatever their claim to expertise, are mainly in the business of sensationalizing to commercialize their media employers.

Another media mental health pundit professed that “68 percent of children born today have autism.”  Because mental health professionals disagree on the diagnostic descriptions in the DSM, partly because psychologists disagree with psychiatrists and partly because few mental health professionals understand the dependence of linguistic communication on agreeing on terms, that statistic depends on who’s labeling the children.  A useful statistic might be what percentage of pundits agree on anything.

And media have reported that the copilot surfed the Web to plan the killing.  We might surf the web to find that killing and depression and failure to communicate aren’t new under the sun.  Look at the third century BCE statue some pundits call the Dying Gaul while others call it the Dying Trumpeter, and think about depression and trumpeting and killing, and note that the Gaul isn’t looking at the trumpet. 


Land of beauty - 3 April 2015

Why all the bother to bring bodies back from the Alps?  Would anyone believing in resurrection to eternal life call a grave a final resting place?  How is a side of a mountain worse than a hole in the ground?

What’s the difference between religion and bigotry?  How many people have died in wars in the name of religion?  How is what Israelis are doing in Gaza more religious than what Arabs did in Manhattan?

Why would God choose some of creation to kill others of creation?  How does separation of Church and state permit killing children in wombs or on their way out of wombs?  What on Earth is life?


Is that a mouse in your pocket? - 2 April 2015

Wolf Blitzer complained about other news networks “leaking” facts about the crash in the French Alps.  He said the families of the dead shouldn’t know what happened to them until they’re ready.  He didn’t say how CNN could make them more ready.

And CNN reported that an Israeli “task force” was at the crash site finding facts.  A question in that, considering that Yahoo Netanyahu has proved himself to be a pathological liar, is what Mossad will leak.  Blitzer is a blitzkrieg against truth.

The question is whether the truth will make us free, and the basis for the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is the notion that it does, and yet we the people of the United States trust CNN and support Israel.


Birthers, constructionists, reason - 1 April 2015

Howard Kurtz, anchor of the Fox News show Media Buzz, is Jewish.  That may be appropriate, considering the Judaic dominance of the mass media, but considering that fewer than a quarter of a percent of the masses are Judaic makes it a little like hiring a Fox to guard a chicken coop.  But remember that Freud and Marx were also Judaic. 

And remember that people said the Bush Presidents shouldn’t have presided over our government’s dealing with OPEC because they acquired much of their wealth in the oil industry.  The complainers ignored that experience in oil dealings would be helpful in oil dealings.  They instead assumed that dealing with OPEC was cahoots with OPEC.

And we could wonder what the founding fathers would say about Ted Cruz.  His birth was in Canada, and his father’s birth was in Cuba, and his father was in the oil industry.  And he’s running for the Presidency despite the fact that the Constitution proscribes electing to the presidency anyone who isn’t a “natural born” citizen of the United States.


Lip service and self service - 31 March 2015

Ted Cruz and Martin O’Malley define two categories of dipshit, and Hillary Clinton falls into the Ted Cruz category while Elizabeth Warren falls into the Martin O’Malley category, leaving Jeb Bush the least wacko of the current contenders for Presidency.

A reason to vote for Clinton or Warren is that we the people of the United States never have elected a woman to preside over our government.  But that’s no reason to elect a random raver or a mealy mouther to do it.  We need calm courage and integrity.

Some women have fit into that category.  Coretta King and Betty Shabazz did, by standing by their ideals after the murder of their men, and 586 years ago la pucelle d’Orleans outshined a king she crowned.  And there’s Condoleezza Rice.


Modern religious technology - 30 March 2015

In 1429, a 17-year-old farm girl said God told her through an archangel and two dead saints how to save her homeland from a century of foreign invasion, and she did it.

Now, 586 years later, some people call her crazy while others call her a saint, but none of those people suggest that she might have said that only to elicit authority, to do what her extraordinary intellect and attention told her was necessary for her homeland.

And now people are saying that psychiatric evaluation or cockpit cameras could reveal intentions of crazy airline pilots and keep them from killing people depending on them.


The Fire Sermon - 29 March 2015

What do people want?  Why do Lucifer and Hell have names for light?  Is burning in hell more miserable than the shame from the light of guilt?  Why do the followers of Siddhartha Gautama call him the Buddha referring to enlightenment?  Why did the Buddha call enlightenment nirvana referring to extinction?  Why did he say that enlightenment is extinction of desire?  Why do we desire things that cause us shame?

Buddhists also say that karma is both a way to shame and a way to enlightenment, and “karma” is a Sanskrit word for work, or earning!  They say that it’s a way to shame if we desire to earn anything from it but a way to enlightenment if we do it only because it’s there to do!  That’s like Jesus’ saying that ostentatiousness earns other than paradise!

Politicians raise dynasties to memorialize their names, but they and their heirs inherit extinction of desire by way of death, whether or not they earn anything.  A question is what death extinguishes, shame or pride, or everything!  Wages of what are what?   


Beyond Mata Hari - 28 March 2015

Technology has come a long way since the main weapons for killing remotely were slings and arrows.  Now we have fighter planes and pilotless drones and intercontinental ballistic missiles.  A child can do it.

And, although the United States Department of Defense doesn’t permit women to put their boots on the ground in combat, it permits them to fly fighter planes and operate computers.

And, while all that’s going on, the ethics to which our mass media pay most attention are women’s rights, not their right not to be drafted, but their right to kill.


Meeting the twain - 27 March 2015

Of Earth’s half dozen most popular religions, three are oriental while the other three are occidental, and a difference between east and west is prayer.  Hindus and Buddhists and Taoists meditate to understand God, while Jews and Christians and Muslims pray, to tell God how to behave.  Yet Christians say Hindus are pagan.

And Christians, people who believe in the Gospels, books “Apostles of Christ” wrote in Greek under the direction of Pharisee Saul of Tarsus decades after the Crucifixion, say Jesus suffered on the cross and conspicuously fear death and build hospitals, denying their own claims to faith and eternal life.

And the occidental religions, contrary to their professions of peace and love, have been at war against each other and themselves since their founding.  Their foundation, through the perversion of their scriptures, is claiming self-righteousness.  That’s bigotry.


Investigative abdication - 26 March 2015

The Bible doesn’t say David was a child when he killed Goliath.  And it cites skill with a sling as a standard for measuring ability as a warrior, and the reason David could kill Goliath with one was that he could do it from a distance, beyond the reach of the giant and his sword.  So we might well ask why Christians lie to children in Sunday school.

But those lies don’t measure down to the lies of the Roman Catholic child-molesting priests or the Morman Boy Scout leader now in the News or the members of those churches who let them do what they did, despite what the Bible says Jesus said about millstones and people harming children, of whom it says is the Kingdom of God.

And CNN cited a Mormon Elder and Bishop who did that as though Elders and Bishops were high-ranking.  Mormon Bishops are local pastors, and Mormons call Elders the boys who knock on your doors to proselytize, and the question in that is why CNN didn’t ask.  CNN should have learned that while Romney ran for the Presidency.


Cruising for bruising - 25 March 2015

Chris Wallace told the CIA director that his not calling people perverting Islam Islamic is ignorant.  “Kill them wherever you find them,” says the Qur’an in regard to people trying to kill Muslims, to give Muslims permission to defend themselves in mosques.  And now ISIS is killing Muslims in mosques while people as ignorant as Wallace call ISIS Islamic.

But perverting religion isn’t exclusive to people calling themselves Islamic.  Crusaders waged war in the name of Christ’s cross, and it wasn’t defensive but offensive against Muslims, people peacefully in their homeland.  And, when Saint Francis traveled to the “Promised Land” to negotiate peace between the Crusaders and the Islamic defensive Jihad, the Muslims welcomed him while the Christians told him to go back to Europe.

And current crazies call the Tea Party Republican, despite the obvious fact that it flagrantly rejects the ideals of Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President.  And current crazies call the Clintons liberal, despite what Bubba Bill did to a female intern, and that Heehaw Hillary stands by him.  A tail is not a leg and has no legs.


Afghanistan without kings or communists or theology:

Dust, a novel  
Ashes and Angels
works in regress and progress

Kim - a 1901 novel

Were all on Earth claiming or denying any sectarian religion to set aside their bigotry long enough to read this book carefully, they would lead the rest of us to understand and enjoy one another, and stop waging war.


The Red Tent - a 1997 novel

This is a beautiful book, a song from the spirit of bold-faced truth, selah.


Philomena - a 2013 film

A danger of this wonderfully accurate presentation is that other poor people might regard the heroine’s continuing loyalty to the Church as promoting such.  Saul of Tarsus suckered Jesus’ disciples into perverting Jesus’ ideals into the mammon mongering and power grubbing we now call Christianity.  And that perversion intimidated that poor woman and keeps intimidating countless others into paying to burn candles in fear for God’s eternal goodness to goodness.


Oranges and Sunshine - a 2011 film

This is a love story.  British and Australian government conspired to kidnap about 130,000 children and ship them from Britain to Australia for agricultural and sexual slavery.  This movie depicts the heroic efforts of one loving woman standing against all odds to return those children to whatever remained of what they’d loved.

What we the people of the United States call Jacksonian democracy was President Andrew Jackson’s telling the Governor of Georgia to ignore the United States Supreme Court’s support for the unalienable rights of the natives of the eastern side of this continent and kidnap many thousands of them and send them to the western side of this continent.

Decades after kidnapping the children, the British and Australian governments apologized to the children they’d kidnapped and enslaved and raped, but the United States government has never apologized to the thousands of men and women and children they kidnapped and killed by what reasonable people call the trail of tears.


Wrong is Right - a 1982 film

Every politician or soldier, every media executive or producer, every news media anchor or reporter, every sexist or racist or nationalist or Republican voter or Democrat voter, every Yankees fan or Red Socks fan and every other bigot picking one side against all other sides, for no reason other than putting his or her interests above all others’, without regard to history or common decency or other facts, should see this presentation and go back to school.


Modern Times a 1936 Film

Suddenly we live in a time long past the political issues of this film.  We have risen from all that to a complacency that has us calling communication tweeting and sexual companionship hooking up.  Such is how Greece and Rome fell.


Catch a Fire - a 2006 film

This film implies that white communists fronted Nelson Mandela and that he was sexually promiscuous, more than forty years after J. Edgar Hoover used the same approach against the junior Martin Luther King, and less than three years before Dirty Harry implied that a white soccer player saved South Africa.


Nixon - a 1995 film

This film begins with the correct caveat that it isn't the whole truth and may wholly misrepresent any truth, and the next screen quotes the evangel Matthew quoting Jesus, implying that Nixon sold his soul.  CNN calls Oliver Stone a controversial director, after his wife has turned the American Broadcasting Company's evening news into an all Advil Oprah drugh opera, like Stone's movies.

Whether or not Nixon told his mother to think of him as her faithful dog, a fact Stone tries to soap or drug is that Nixon ended Johnson's insane war.  History allows no excuse for either Nixon's hubris or stones.  Or Hirohito's or Truman's or Kennedy's or Hoover's.

History allows no excuse for Hitler or Netanyahu.  Democracy needs objective reporting from ABC to Hollywood.  Stone is at least as contra-factual as Nixon.


Avatar - a 2009 film

The weirdest thing about this film is that nearly every mass media critic said its point was commercial technological superiority.  The point fair watchers find from this film is that technology should serve democracy, not superiority or demagoguery, not alienation.  Families risk death to flee Mexico to pick fruit for the free and legally republican citizens of the United States.

And, instead of welcoming them, the people too lazy to do such work create laws to keep them out.  They say that those people who can't afford immigration lawyers should not be allowed to attend their tea party.  They call fruit pickers drug dealers to get them out of their faces.

America, the land illegal immigrants stole from its natives, allows a population that sucks up to advertizing that it should be all Advil, while calling people not on Face Book degenerate.


Network - a 1976 film

Netflix, a generation after this film appeared, bills it as a prediction.  What it is is a fact of human life, recognizing that Jewish gold and Arabic black gold are no different in their effect on the ecumenical economy, the power of abstraction to make humans value hubris more than their lives.  It sold Archie Bunker and Tide as it sells Oprah Winfrey and Tylenol.


The Devil's Arithmetic - a 1999 film

The Israelis should remember the holocaust when they do what they're doing to the Palestinians.  Arithmetic is that the Israelis keep building settlements while the United States tells them to stop building but never to dismantle.  The "com" in compassion means with, and so compassion is a two way street and not a path of vengeance, and the Palestinians are more Semitic than the Israelis and neither German nor Egyptian.  Nothing is more holy than home, and God made the land three religions call holy the homeland of  people of many religions, long before crusades or jihads or the unprovoked Jericho slaughter.  And the land of the free calls the Israeli theocracy, Irgun terrorizing Fatah, democracy.


The Celestine Prophecy - a 1993 novel and a 2006 film

The novel is one of the few books whose promise bore out so poorly from its beginning that I couldn’t finish reading it.  And the film was more inane, beginning with someone saying he was a history teacher responding to someone saying he was an archeologist saying that the early church had buried the title prophecy in the 6th century A.D., by suggesting that Franciscans might have done it.  Francis began his life in the 12th century A.D.

The title prophecy says that the present millennium shall begin with people’s recognizing the violence that has pervaded history and stopping it.  Instead, the new millennium has begun with the historical inaccuracy of the Da Vinci Code making it the most selling novel of the first decade of this millennium.  But maybe we can take hope from that.

The prosperity of the last decade of the second millennium after Christ caused the recession of the first decade of the third millennium after Christ.  We hope that that might force teachers and students and everyone else to work for all living for awhile.



The Ten Commandments a 1966 film

This film begins with its producer saying its basis is scripture and historical documents and that Moses’ accomplishment was to free people from slavery   Next, the film misquotes the Torah and says Pharaoh’s daughter named him Moses because she drew him from water.  “Moses” is from Egyptian for “son”.

Dan Brown admits The Da Vinci Code to be fiction and still has nothing on Cecil B. DeMille for hogwash misrepresenting the Bible and history, and so we have to ask why this film raised no Roman Catholic outrage.  We’re thinking that maybe it’s sexism, since nearly no female character in it shows any purpose other than to fawn over men to give them sons or suck.  But the next question, after how the Motion Picture Association of America ignores its violence to rate it G, is why no Judaic outrage.  We’re thinking the Chosen might still be choosing the golden calf over the Ten Commandments, with help called Christian. 

The Bible says  the Israelites did to the Midianites, the people it says took Moses in and gave him their king’s daughter, worse than what Egypt did to them and worse than what the Nazis did to the Jews.  Maybe Israel let the film slide because it glosses over that and what Israel keeps trying to do to the Palestinians.


On the Trail of the Assassins - a 1978 book

The author, Jim Garrison, Orleans Parish District Attorney, the only person to prosecute anyone for the assassination of J. F. K., is as crazy as Ann Coulter and the persons he accuses, if he wrote the book.  The book falls apart in many ways incidental to Garrison's hubris or paranoia.

One way is by its inclusion of the terms “false sponsor” and “sheep-dipping”.  The people Garrison tracked must have been sheep-dipped false sponsors, as he must have been on the other side of the coin his book flips like dice.  The people he accuses range from the CIA to Johnny Carson, as though that huge body of people could have kept such complicity from the huge body of people with whom they associate, and so on to all of Earth.

Another way is in its assignment of motive, a factor essential to any prosecution in court.  Garrison would have us believe that hundreds of people in a dozen government agencies conspired against Kennedy on the basis of their belief that he was going to prevent the war in Vietnam.  Besides the question of why anyone wouldn’t like that, a fact is that Kennedy sent more troops to Vietnam than Eisenhower had.  We suspect a more obvious motive for that assassination, far beyond New Orleans.

Kennedy killed those people at the Bay of Pigs, by changing the original CIA plan and refusing to accept responsibility.  Kennedy changed United States relations with the Soviet Union from checkers to the verge of nuclear destruction of all life.  So, a few genuinely concerned persons at top levels of the Soviet and United States governments killed him to prevent that destruction.  The false sponsors must have been after the fact.   

I have no doubt that the assassination was a conspiracy, as we agree that Oswald couldn’t have done all the shooting.  But the human resources management of the deed must have been more constrained, leaving the smoke and mirrors the book sells to people as crazy as Garrison.


Idocracy - a 2005 film

This film predicts a future when people try to grow crops with Gatorade, where the hero saves the world by watering the crops.  In the present, people calling themselves environmentalist are trying to save the world by putting corn into gas tanks, while people around the world are starving.

That hero's name is Not Sure, while in this day and age people claiming to be smart say they're not sure, when truth they know is that they simply don't know.  Those people are the people who say we should do something for the people of Darfur while saying we shouldn't have done anything for the people of Iraq.  They are people like Mitt Romney and John Kerry, like Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.

Those people are the people who put criminals above persons, who haven't had a chance to choose life better than crime and say their choice is compassionate, liberal.  As this film indicates, those people are already taking their world into the dust this film predicts.



Across the Universe a 2006 Film

The Beatles are a microcosm.  Kids sing about holding hands until they acquire power, and then they let go of their friends’ hands and their own minds, for what Solomon called vanity.  Like Greece and Rome, the United States were a world power before they alienated their kids in Birmingham and Vietnam, and those children turned their nation into an escape from everything.

The Beatles said they named themselves for the Beatitudes, before they turned to drugs, or after they rode them, to compromise, for fame.  Now, Lennon is dead, and McCartney is white bread, and the First World is all Advil.  Now, Lenin is dead, while Liverpool and the Irish suffer.  Viva Las Vegas, the ways of the world.

Irish and Iraqi suffer for no reason beyond the I in their names, as Israel suffers for no reason more than that humans prefer bigotry and drugs to the Ten Commandments, from the diamond minors in South Africa to the diamond merchants in New York, to you inactivists.


The Cotton Club - a 1984 film

My favorite lines in that film are from a white couple entering the club.  The white man says, “At least they don’t let niggers in here!”  The white woman asks, “They don’t let them into their own club?”

So Richard Gere gets billing over Gregory Hynes, two decades after the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and now two more decades have passed, making more than forty years.  Bootleggers like the Kennedy’s owned Harlem in the roaring twenties, and now the Clintons have moved in!  How long, O Lord?

Now we’re engaged in a great civil war, to see whether Obama can run the Clintons out of Harlem, and the Whitehouse.  Cotton is white, while pickers are black, and now black has another fight to pick.


The Order of the Phoenix - a 2007 film

Harry Potter answered a question most of us think impossible.  The way to world peace is through the understanding that is friendship.

Nearly everyone claiming a religion claims it as a superstition, although every founder of every remaining major religion argued mainly one point, the sharing essential to prosperity, loving one’s neighbor.

Terror isn’t Islamic, as it isn’t Mosaic or Christian.  Terror comes from such as Crusades and Jihads.  Terror is in what Joshua did and in what Osama Bin Laden is doing and in what Hitler did and in what Israel is doing.  It's in what every bigot does, and it won’t stop until all of us stop trying to blame it on Moses or Muhammad or Jesus, on everyone but ourselves. 

It won’t stop until we stop making excuses to covet our neighbors’ land, until we stop perverting the teachings of the founders of our religions from the Rishi’s to Muhammad, into ignorance of them.

Only then shall we have something worth fighting for, and stop fighting.  The essential weapon for peace is not secret.  It’s plain.


The Last Hangman a 2005 film

Tolstoi said, in War and Peace, that the cause of the Napoleonic Wars was the first French corporal.  This film says the same, that the cause of killing is rationalizing some excuse for it, be it vengeance or following orders, or supporting one’s country, or one’s family, or oneself.  This film also says that we’re all in that craziness together, but it does not loudly enough say that, were each of us to refuse, it would all stop.  Snail darters would die of their own accord, and they and all else could rest in peace.  That Pierrepoint fellow was not the last hangman.


Meditation XVII - a 1623 sermon

John Donne, not Jack Kennedy or Ernest Hemingway, said this:  "No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend's or of thine own were: any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee."


The Wind that Shakes the Barley - a 2006 film

This film shows that Ireland and Iraq are similar far beyond the fact that the names of both countries begin with "Ir" when written in the Roman alphabet.  Ireland means anger land, and anger dominates both countries.  And so does greed.

When an Irishman told us that the strife between Catholics and Protestants in his country has nothing to do with religion, we didn't understand.  This film explains.

And neither is the strife between Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq religious, and nor is Israel.


Eight Men Out a 1988 film

Consider the operant steps in this plot.  A team conspires to throw the World Series because its members think they’re underpaid.  Late in the series they decided not to throw the series because the bookies aren’t paying them.  None of them considers his family’s welfare until a thug for the bookies threatens to kill one’s wife.  A judge a salary offer before accepting responsibility for correcting all that.  A kid asks one of the players to say the mess ain’t so about baseball.  Joe, it was so in all professional sports then, and it’s so now.


Palestine: Peace, not Apartheid a 2006 book

Although Mr. Carter writes from the point of view and with the tone of his claim to Christianity, sometimes uses words and phrases particular to popular expression of persons calling themselves Christians, and occasionally points out facts particular to such persons, this book is nearly all factual.  That is, rather than expressing opinions, it mostly points out circumstances and events verifiable through public records.  Yet, it has a reputation for being controversial.

Of course the reason is that few people bother to differentiate between facts and opinions, because most people are as opinionated and biased as some say Jimmy Carter is, and few people bother to research public facts, much less see for themselves, as Mr. Carter has.  In fact, if the book has any shortcoming, it’s that Mr. Carter doesn’t succinctly point out the most significant facts defining the situation.

Those facts are: that Israelites or Israelis have been oppressing Philistines or Palestinians since the battle of Jericho, an onslaught with no provocation whatsoever; that Israelis have killed far more people and broken far more promises than Palestinians have; and that the 1967 Israeli state was not one nation until 1949.

Moreover, if that former head of government of the United States of America were to carry religious metaphors in defense of the United States of America, he might have pointed out how David defeated Goliath’s superior physical size.

Now, Israel has nuclear weapons and air superiority through military aid from first world nations, as European nations took superior weapon technology on the Crusades.

So, now, Islam is continuing Saladin's jihad, against the world whose trade center is now Wall Street.

All a president needs to do to stop the terror is be fair.

Smart is truth, beauty.


The Sound of Music - a 1965 film

This film, set at the beginning of World War II, screened at the beginning of the United States presidency's escalation of Truman's advisory mission in Vietnam into a full scale war Nixon would would end.

Three years earlier, West Side Story screened, asking the same questions.  One film is about nations, while the other is about gangs while the only difference is scale, while presidents have ignored the politics of both.

Both films, in retrospect, should cause us to ask why they didn't change humanity's prospects.  That is, we should ask why we care more now about American Idols than about the ordinary people of Iraq or Darfur.

Both films have iconic weaknesses.  In one, a poor nun saves a family of aristocrats, and the other's title suggests that west is better than east.  But the two share an eminently importantly iconic question.

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

The Time of Your Life - a 1948 film

This film set the theme for the best of Hollywood since.  We had a problem with its epitaph, when the bar owner took the sign out of the window inviting folks in to be themselves and tore it in two, saying that enough is enough.  But then we remembered that integrity is always exactly enough and shouldn't need a reminder!  What's your dream?


Shinea 1996 film

Nothing is more important than music.  Nothing is more important than the harmony of inspiration.  This film says that.

The horror of the holocaust lives on, from the horror of the captivity.  This film tries to deliver a lesson to the Germans and the Egyptians, and the Israelis, all of us.  The holy land is hardly holy, despite how the sun shines on Karn Hattin.  Why don't Christians visit the Mount of Beatitudes?

In the sixties, when the great society sent millions of Americans to kill Vietnamese doing nothing but trying to live their lives as best they could, a popular song borrowed a melody from Rachminov s second piano concerto and assigned it the lyrics “When I was young, I never needed anyone.  Making love was just for fun.  Those days are done.”

Rachmaninov’s third piano concert is more difficult to play than his second while his second, played more in the film, is more sweet.  And popular music is more sweet now, in the war on terror that has made Bethlehem a combat zone.  How is Christ's birthplace in the shadow of death?

Astrology, psychology, stars and butterflies, what life comes down to is common sense.  This film is quite lovely.


somewhere i have never traveled, gladly beyond - a 1931 poem

A Harvard poet wrote that poem between the two world wars, between his imprisonment in France for driving an ambulance and German imprisonment of France for nothing.

Films we find near to that poem are The Painted Veil and The Tiger and the Snow.  Both films show what love between two people should be, as they show what love is.

Imagine Nero walking the Great Wall, if you wish such as that.  We all must remember that our enormous room is a small roe's chest.  Otherwise we cannot love.



Paradise Road - a 1997 film

"Oh, my dear, that's one to tell your grand children. . . .  Don't worry:  I love God, even though I sometimes don't know what he's doing. . . .  Love is like a flame; it burns and is visible to all. . . .  None of us will ever leave Sumatra. . . . Amen."


Bound for Glorya 1943 autobiography

This book is exactly an autobiography.  Other works in that genre try to explain the effect of the life in question on others’ lives.  This book tells succinctly how Woody Guthrie grew to produce his effect.  Woody and his story are works of dynamic integrity.  We need to listen, closely.

Woody Guthrie was communist, in the sense that we all should share God's bounty.  He was not a Marxist or a Leninist or a Stalinist.  Nor was he a Washingtonist or a Jeffersonist.

Nor was he an Amerigo Vespugian or a Paulist or any other kind of excuse for a name.


Reflections of a Cold Warrior and From the Shadows 1996 memoires

Both authors were at the top level of the Central Intelligence Agency.  One planned the U2 project and the operation Kennedy turned into the debacle at Bay of Pigs.  The other, recruited into the agency from college during the Johnson administration, worked his way up to directing the agency during the first Bush administration.  But the first declines to blame Kennedy for the mess he made, and the second hardly mentions the former Director of Central Intelligence who appointed him to that position while President, making both books smoke screens for coversion.  But any competent CIA analyst could synthesize truth from the details.


Jude the Obscure - an 1895 novel

"Because we are too many."


Babel - a 2006 film

With great technical and aesthetic prowess, this film shows how cheap and cowardly and stupid humans have become, the abstraction of the word “humanitarian”.  Many of its details and time lines don’t work together, but neither do many humans attend much to what’s in their faces, rationalizing private greed against public concern.  Journalists and politicians and doctors and lawyers keep trying to take advantage of the weakness of humans trying to be as suicidal, self-destructive, as they are.  One of the twelve tasks of Hercules was to kill the Titan Antaeus, the difficulty being that Antaeus regained his strength whenever he was down to Earth.  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences keeps proving itself Herculean.  But most important are our children.  Note the dedication.


The Milagro Beanfield War a 1988 film

This was a Sundance production.  It’s set in New Mexico, the state of the united ones whose flag represents the sun.  Its theme is the power of the people, and it shows how humans can unite for the best of their life and love, against the power of humans who unite for smaller selves.

But it waves a rabbit dead to excuse firing to frighten humans.  Beans contain as much protein as animal meat, leaving killing cattle less practical than killing trees for golfing.  Humans eat like pigs, but we work harder at it.

This film promotes considering the lilies of the field, while it promotes eating sparrows.   It does not pass through the eye of the needle.  But it helps.


Hollywood Ending a 2002 film

In this film, Woody Allen closes his career by admitting the cause of his success, that he has catered to hypochondriacs, people who seek only pity.  Aristotle pointed out the technical difficulties of the staging of his time, and the French called those limitations an ideal and adhered to that absurdity long after Shakespeare freed the rest of us, and long after Eisenstein offered us Shakespeare’s best wishes, and now their pride is in ennui.  Cinema, at its best, goes straight to our hearts by opening our eyes, not by giving us more weak excuses.  In this film, Allen admits he has nothing on Eastwood.  And cinema is still beginning.  To show, to move.  Just see.


The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter a 1940 novel

Richard Wright said that Ms. McCullers accepted blacks.  More recently, linguists have called the non-white grammar and diction of blacks the “negro non-standard dialect”.  African Americans no longer wish to be called Negroes, and Ms. McCullers did not accurately represent their dialect.  But she did faithfully represent the lonely hearts of the down and out!  Can Mick ever rediscover her music?


The Last Samurai - a 2003 film

What’s the difference between a protagonist and an antagonist?  This film is a story of redemption, a story of love for the best and worst of us.  If one can divorce oneself from merchandising and violence, this film is beautiful.   In its beginning, the protagonist is a soldier who failed to die in battle, a person dead of his past and living without future.  In the end, his horse’s head is above his, as he bows to “the peace all of us seek and few of us ever find.”


Sister of the Road - a 1937 novel

This is another beautiful book. The man who wrote it must have been in love. Maybe a little as Mark Twain must have been to write Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc.


War and Peace an 1869 novel

Tolstoy, while fathering thirteen children with a woman he married when she was half his age, is mostly about his love for her.  The last hundred-some pages of the book he wrote while she bore most of them try to justify the book otherwise, as an essay on war regardless of peace.  And, maybe so, he died leaving his wife, the mother of his children, to justify his thinking.  Many of us live and die that way.  We ignore our life.


"Nothing on Earth is worse than bigotry,
and bigotry cannot survive without hypocrisy."


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